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Hi! My name is Yada, you better call me Dada or Da, 
depends on your appreciation! I'm one year less than Yamada♥ 
I come from Thailand so Thai is my native language
but I'm fluent in English and quite understand Japanese XD
My favorite band is Hey!Say!JUMP,
Yamada is my ichiban and Takaki is niban, 
anyway I love all of them~
I ship Takayama but other pairings are acceptable, 
Yamachii, Chiitaro, Takanoo and Inoochii
There are so many pairings which I couldn't put all of them here 
so feel free to ask me ne :)

My translation (Mostly Yamada and Takaki) posts will be pubilshed to everyone 
but I won't set the rumor post as public because it's not official.
And my fictions are always opened XD 

Fiction index

Sometimes I'll make the review for mags/con goods/whatever related to JUMP
So keep updating ne :3
I also have twiiter, facebook, tumblr and many other accounts, 
if you see vamps0addict0, that's me!

I'd like you to introduce yourself before adding me!
I mostly add stranger but you add me because you want to know me, right?
I want to make friends too so just comment here about anything you want to tell me  ~~~

A big giveaway~

I want to post it since Yamachan's birthday but since my lack of enthusiasm so..... a bit delay? LOL
But here it is XD~ Not a big deal but forsake of Yamachan's birthday I gave the biggest effort on it!!

Notice: Click on pic to link directly to download page

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I'd translated some Takayama moment which you guys may rarely saw them :) I've asked the owner for permission so feel free to share it but with full credit ne! (P.S My English is not very good if you're curious at anything, feel free to ask me ne! )

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[One shot]My Tsundere Prince

Title: My Tsundere Prince

Pairing: Takayama

Rate: NC-17

Summary:  He’s the normal teenager who wants to show his rebellion toward his family member or someone who’s older than him but there’s only one problem, Takaki Yuya, his neighbor who was with him since he was born. Takaki Yuya always plays a prank on and this annoying him very much.  He doesn’t know why the elder always try to get his attention which doesn’t work at all, he hates TAKAKI YUYA!!!

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Heaven a week, hell a daily [Prologue]

Title: Heaven a week, hell a daily [Prologue]

Pairing: Takayama

Rate: PG-13

Summary:  He should have died when that car hit him … but it’s not that easy. Sin needs to be paid off and nothing can change. Yamada, the normal high school student has to struck with Takaki, the demon with a tall figure, messy hair and brown cold eyes. Yamada wouldn’t feel regret if he hadn’t fell for Takaki. Why god is so cruel to make him meet the person he love the most but he does hate me the most too?

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[One-Shot]He's annoying

Title: He’s annoying

Author: vamps0addict0

Pairing: Takayama

Rate: PG-13

Summary: Takaki’s stuff are all “ANNOYING”!!!!

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Big hiatus XD

Haha feeling like hadn't updated anything in my LJ for quite a long time, ne?
Well, I'm on the very big big hiatus . . .  I'm going to take an examination for the entrance this year,
so I won't have much time lingering around fandom . . .

Anyway I'm still updating in my own twitter, @vamps0addict0 or you can check out Takayama's stuff @takayama_quotes
So . . . That's all I want to inform your guys XD Plus! Don't be surprised if I messed up your TL haha

And for Hey!Say!JUMP Asia Tour cancellation, I feel really really really baddddddddddddd toward it . . .
I was looking forward it but it was cancelled??? What???? I mean "WTF"

I can't even cry at that, so bad, because I know there'll be the 'Officially reason' for this case.
Johnny-san's san should be more concerned about doing something, please, you should really pay attention toward it.

I'm just a plain fangirl so . . .  I can't do anything with it
See you soon :D

P.S. I think I do fall for Takaki-sama? Haha nahhhhh I don't know he's been so attrative these days.
After losing his weight, playing a role in drama and stuffs. He's just too cute, isn't he???

Dada, vamps0addict0

[Tran] JUMP around the world

Get Kanji & Romanji here ten79ryuu

You + me = happiness.
Me - you = zero.
Even I'm not good at number but,
Only this formula is enough to use forever.
I can't forget it, forever.
Let's listen to this voice.

JUMP Around the World!!!
Ready steady go.
Say! JUMP!! (JUMP)
Say! JUMP!! (JUMP)
Everybody Say! JUMP!! (JUMP)

Because I can't let you go,
So stretch out your hands.
(Hey!)Say! JUMP!!(JUMP)
Say! JUMP!! (JUMP)
Everybody Say! JUMP!!(JUMP)

Even the next 7,000 years, I still stick with this relationship.
JUMP Around (JUMP)
JUMP Around (JUMP)
Every one Say!

3 2 1 Ready steady go!!
Say! JUMP!! (JUMP)
Say! JUMP!! (JUMP)
Everybody Say! JUMP!! (JUMP)
Look through the whole sky,
There're a lot of luck there.

Credit: vamps0addict0 


Sucks reiew ;$; Magazine & con repo?

Phewww~ I feel like it's been quite long time since my last update, doesn't it? hehe I don't know ><"
Ahhhh but I pick up some pictures I feel rabu-rabu with it ~~~ So take a trip here~~~

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Hey!Say!JUMP Asia Tour!!!!

OMG I can't believe this I'm gonna see JUMP in flesh *cry*
I've been waited for 3 years :_( 

ผู้จัดบอกว่า HEY! SAY! JUMP Live in Bangkok จะจัดขึ้นในเดือน พฤษภาคม ที่ธันเดอร์โดม 2 รอบ รายละเอียดติดตามพรุ่งนี้ค่ะ :)

"Hey!Say!JUMP live in Bangkok will take place around  May and have 2 rounds, more info tomorrow."

Well, at first I heard this from twitter and stuffs, I don't believe it but since it was confirmed by AVALON, Thai company. I feel really really happy!!!! OMG I don't have to wait anymore *cry*

I feel thankful for those 3 years I'd fought against him, I'm gonna see them, soon! On Yamada's birthday month.

Dada, vamps0addict0